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While I was trying to figure out how mentally strong people feel and how they mange to almost always make good decisions, I fell on a post a little related to this. Before we dive into the real content of this article, I’ll like to give a small anecdote. 

I recently watched a video of #danlok in which he said he was once asked by his mentor what he thought was the most important quality of a successful entrepreneur. He gave a bunch of answers which according to his mentor were unfortunately incorrect. The answer his mentor gave was;  

“…the most important quality of a successful entrepreneur is the ability to endure pain for a long period of time”.

We all know that to accept enduring pain, one needs to be mentally strong. So I took the time to think about this and here I share with you 5 things mentally strong people avoid.



1- Strong people avoid being afraid of others opinion: 

Being afraid of others’ opinion is very dangerous if one wants to be a strong entrepreneur. Whenever you have an idea, people around you will tend to say, “no it’s impossible, no you can’t do that”. What if you had a life changing idea which you wanted to develop and after series of procrastination, after listening to people’s say, you one day finally saw that on tv, already done by someone else, being so successful. Can you imagine the frustration? Nelson Mandela ones said “Everything’s impossible until someone does it” so you have to avoid being afraid of others opinion and be ready to endure pain.


2- Strong people avoid giving up after failing:  

If you decide to be an entrepreneur, you have to say yes to failure. There is no successful entrepreneur who hasn’t encountered failure. Every failure is a chance for you to get better. Mentally strong people are not afraid to fail, even if it implies failing several times, provided this failures help them achieve their objectives at the end of the day.


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3- Strong people do not hold others responsible for their mistakes:

Mentally strong people do not hold others responsible of what happen to them, neither do they make excuses of their failure. They hold themselves responsible of all failures and learn from these mistakes. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur( One with the ability to endure pain) you need to hold yourself responsible of your own mistakes and try not to repeat them over and over.


4- Strong people do not expect to have immediate results: 

One common mistake we all do is to tell ourselves that because we have what we think is a great idea, everything’s gonna be fine and fast, with no downs( just ups). Mentally strong people avoid expecting fast results because those who expect fast results quite fast as well. Provide the time to your business to construct itself progressively and do not try to force things to happen, otherwise you might get frustrated.


5- Strong people avoid taking uncalculated risk:

Mentally strong entrepreneurs are willing to take calculated risk. This helps to avoid the frustration of having to fail on things you could prevent if and only if you had thought a little more about. Mentally strong people think before they act.


You, what do you think mentally strong people should avoid? Write your idea in the comments below. I’d love to read them 🙂


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