Why to use Google analytics by Jordi Hako
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Google analytic is a free software with some premium options that lets you analyze traffic and have an idea about your type of traffic, their age and gender composition, who they are, where they come from and what they need. As a business Owner or marketer, it is important to know the benefits of using Google analytics.


1- Easy content analysis

Google analytics helps you Identify which pages of your website work for you and which pages work against you. For example if you realize a very high bounce rate for a specific page, then Google Analytics is definitely telling you that either that page is not well customized for the type of traffic it receives( Which may be due to age, gender or cultural differences ), or that the information on that page is not relevant to your visitors’ interest. You may in this case want to customize the page’s appearance or content in order to suit your audience.


2- Easy analysis of traffic behavior.

Google analytics provides you with information about the pages your visitors view, how long they spend on these pages, how often they visit your website and even their interest on visiting your website. It also provides you with information about your audience experience when they browse through your website. With Google analytics behavior reports, you can even identify the pages on which your visitors land the most and how fast they leave these pages.


3- No usage cost.

Not only Google Analytics is free to use but it also makes you save a lot of valuable cash. For example, let’s say you wanted to provide some new languages on your websites and you would randomly choose which languages to invest on. Google analytics helps you know which language would be right to invest on and which would be worthless. By examining Google analytics reports, you will have an idea on what to safely invest on.


4- Easy User traceability

One of the best features of google analytics is that it helps you know the path which your traffic takes to and within your website. This helps you know which pages of these path played for you and which played against you. For example, if you realize a very high bounce rate on a specific exit page, you may want to look at the page to see if the information is appropriate or not.


5- Easy audience analysis

You may have faced problems concerning what type of content to post or what type of audience to target. Thanks to google analytics, you can examine your audience’s age, gender and even locations. As an example, let’s say you have a much older audience, you may want to make buttons bigger and increase the font size in order to provide a better experience to your visitors. Let’s even further consider that on one of you reports you realize a high traffic from France, you may consider supporting the French language.



6- Easy to learn and Use

Google analytics provides a demo account to help in the learning process. The Google Analytics demo account is a fully functional Google Analytics account that any Google user can access. It’s a great way to look at real business data and experiment with Google Analytics features. The data in the Google Analytics demo account is from the Google Merchandise Store, an ecommerce site that sells Google-branded merchandise. The data in the account is typical of what you would see for an ecommerce site.


Google analytics is also very easy to use. It has a well designed Graphical User Interface with graphs and tables to portray the data in the best possible way. Apart from that there is widely available documentation to help user.


20 excellent reasons to start using google analytics on your website today

Google analytic is a free software with some premium options that lets you analyze traffic and have an idea about your type of traffic, their age and gender composition, who they are, where they come from and what they need. As a business owner or marketer, it is important to know the benefits of using Google analytics.

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7- Tremendous data available

Not only does Google analytics provides a large amount of data, but also it provides a wide variety of tools to manage and analyse this data. Google analytics provides dimensions like source and medium of the traffic and data like the number of user sessions and their bounce rate.  


8- Provides relevant information for mobile optimization

Today, most of the internet users are on mobile. For this reason, it is important to have a mobile friendly website. Thanks to google analytics, you can unblock a huge amount on data about the type of browser your visitors use( including the versions), their operating systems, and even the type of mobile device they use. This helps you decide if you will support certain features or not. For example, say you have a high portion of your traffic using Opera, you may want to support features specific to Opera.


9- Easy Sales and Goals tracking

Google analytics allows you to set and track objectives for your marketing efforts. You could set goals like a signup for an account, filling of a feedback form, or even a purchase. With Google analytics goal funnels, you are able to track these objectives and get information about the pages on which you have important traffic loss, your conversion rate, and even your conversion monetary value( or Return on investment).


10- Easy Identification of sources of traffic

It is very important to know the source of your traffic because this helps you decide on which sources to invest. Google analytics tells you the source of your traffic, and even goes a long way to tell you which is the most valuable. You could subsequently decide to increase your investment in this source.


11- Easy Identification of reasons for fluctuations in traffic

Imagine you run an e-commerce website, and that for a certain month you’ve released an important increase or decrease in income or traffic. Google analytics provides you with valuable information to identify the the reasons for this change. For example let’s say you log into your google analytics dashboard and you realise a sudden increase in traffic on a particular day, you might want to know the source of that traffic(say a blog post referring you) and maybe consider investing on that.


12- Helps in Ad planification

Thanks to google analytics demographic reports, you have enough information to decide which age group or sex to target while preparing ads campaigns on social media like facebook and Instagram.


13- Real Time data supply

Google analytics reports data seconds after collection.This makes it possible to analyze how your website is performing on real time. Google analytics also gives you information about the number of people found on your website, their location, the percentage of desktop and mobile visitors and even the pages they are visiting.


14- Easily customizable reports

Google analytics provides a customization panel for your personalized reports. It allows you to add and delete segments from a report, apply filters and even create personalized views. What I like the most about customization on Google analytics is that it allows you to use just the data you need. That is, it prevents you from getting confused by bulks of data which do not make sense to you.


15- High precision analysis

Google Analytics provides a lot of filters to help you to make your analysis more and more precise. For example you can narrow your search to a specific city in a chosen country. Google analytics also provides tools to compare data with respect to dates ranges or secondary dimensions. For example by comparing the sources and Landing page dimensions and looking at the bounce rate, you can identify which sources provide valuable traffics and which sources do not.


16- Easy event tracking

You may have some buttons on your website which you want to know how often the users clicks on. If that’s the case, you will then need to set an event for that specific button. Google analytics permits you to know the frequency with which users interact with specific contents on you website, say downloads, button pushes, video views or ad clicks. However, you will need to add events’ tracking code to your site to implement this.


17- Useful for Web developers

Google analytics provides information useful for web developers. This includes the page loading speed, and some suggestion to ameliorate the website’s overall performance. Google analytics assigns a page speed score to every page on your website. Generally, the higher the number of suggestions for a specific page, the lower the PageSpeed score.


18- Helps in benchmarking

Google analytics allows you to compare your data with that of other companies who opted to share. Using Google analytics’ benchmarking report you can get insights in the trends that are carrying across your industry, say a general fluctuation in traffic due to seasonality. Furthermore, using this google analytics data, you can easily get an idea of how well or bad you are doing as compared to your competitors.


19- Helps in decision making

You may have faced problems as to what decisions to take for your website, say whether to add certain content or not, whether to support a certain browser or OS or not. The truth is that your website doesn’t always appear or load on other browsers, OS or devices as fast as it does on yours. Google analytics tells you what works and what doesn’t.


Google Analytics also gives you information about which sources require your attention and which do not. It helps you have a clear idea on which sources deserves investment.


20- Easy campaign tracking

One of my best Google analytics feature is campaign tracking. Google analytics allows you to tag your social media campaign effort and analyze this data obtained on it’s GUI. This is called Google UTM tracking. What you do is that you basically attach tracking extensions to your url that will serve as a link to your website from your social media campaign posts. When a user clicks this link and arrives your websites, google analytics automatically tags that user with the appropriate campaign tag.


Google analytics is an excellent marketing tools. Added to that, It is free. So as a website owner you better start using this tool and take your website to the next level.

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